What we do

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Case studies

Tell a journalist a service or product is great, unique even, and they’ll remain sceptical. Provide a hypothetical business problem, and the activities or features offered within the service or product designed to solve them, and they’ll warm, considerably. Give them a tangible example of your service or product in action, utilised by a customer happy to detail the benefits, and that journalist will start to take notice. Case studies not only represent a prime means for securing desirable press coverage, comprehensive customer case studies also provide strong sales collateral – proving to prospective customers that their potential investment deserves significant consideration.

crisis communication and support
Crisis communication and support

Our crisis communications training and support services are designed to help with every aspect from creating a plan and a structure to creating key messages around likely incidents and providing realistic, simulation sessions where you can put your plans to the test in a safe environment with expert advice on hand. If you do find yourself in a crisis situation, we will be right by your side to advise and support every step of the way.

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Forward features infiltration

Taking a pro-active approach to securing engaging press coverage, rich in key messages, is a fundamental ethos at Papillon PR. We don’t expect the phone to ring and a journalist to beg a client – especially an unknown, 'new kid on the block' - to participate in an interview or submit an article for publication.

We subscribe to an external database that enables us to achieve full visibility over a range of publications and their forthcoming editorial features. In addition, we contact journalists on a regular basis to suggest new themes for features that we could weave in content from our clients. Once schedules are planned we continue to pitch for contribution opportunities, such as interviews, Q & A's or written comment. If there’s a feature on a relevant topic, in a relevant publication, we will strive to ensure our client is put forward for inclusion.

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Launches and events

Events are a public expression of your brand.  Every event requires creativity, precision and thought to deliver your business goals. We provide a comprehensive event service – right from the planning stage through to delivery and evaluation of its success.

Our portfolio includes launch events, national competitions, exhibition management, corporate hospitality, milestone anniversaries, charity fundraisers, celebrity Q&A's and much more. 

measurement and evaluation
Measurement and evaluation

Apparently, Bill Gates once said that if he was down to his last dollar, he’d spend it on PR. Yet, unlike other weapons in the marketing armoury, PR’s true value can be difficult to quantify. A website can tell you how many unique visitors it has had; an electronic mail campaign can analyse the number of recipients who opened and read the content; and telemarketing activity can analyse the number of leads generated. But what can PR tell you?

Well, we think it can and should tell you a great deal. We also think that any PR agency worth its salt should make the effort to provide clients with evidence that a PR campaign is working hard and generating a return on investment.

PR is not a dark art but neither is it an exact science, which is why we work with clients to establish ‘what good looks like’, what their key business objectives are, what they want to say and who they want to say it to. We then inject oodles of energy into making your campaign happen.

And when it comes to evaluating our success, we use a variety of measures. From readership profiling to analysing the extended reach of communication delivered, press coverage sentiment and ‘key message’ inclusion to the hotly debated AVE comparison: we promise to take the time to demonstrate that we’re not wasting yours. 

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Media relations

People do business with people and working with the media is no exception. Papillon PR works hard to identify the most influential editors across all of its clients’ prime media outlets, from trade journals to broadcasts and everything in-between. We target select editors and reporters and pitch one-to-one meetings (which can be facilitated by a member of the account team) with key figure heads from our clients' business. Not only does this build direct relationships between clients and their key media but represents a golden opportunity to convey key messages, demo offerings and discuss contribution opportunities in a relaxed, yet controlled and engaging, environment.

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Press office

As part of our public relations package, Papillon PR can provide a 24 hour press office for your company by co-ordinating media enquiries and supplying journalists with press releases, publicity photographs, press packs and information for publication. We offer bespoke media relations for each client and liaise with press on your behalf. The office is manned from 9 am until 5.30 pm Monday to Friday but phones are diverted to key members of our account team to ensure every opportunity is pursued.

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Press releases

Press releases are a core component of any PR and communications campaign. After establishing key messages and objectives, Papillon PR researches, interviews and drafts news-led press releases that strike the perfect balance relating to news value and corporate messaging. This approach enhances press coverage opportunities, secures coverage and helps to build strong relationships with key media without compromising key communications objectives.

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Rapid response

The 'Letters to the Editor' page of national newspapers is said to be the most widely read of all. When a national or trade specific story breaks, journalists scramble for issues-based comment from the industry. Anticipating this demand, Papillon PR works in partnership with clients and reporters to track relevant news stories that clients can ‘piggy back’ upon, draft engaging, opinionated ‘canned comment’ and letters to the editor which are then distributed to key journalists that day.

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Social media monitoring and management

Digital communications demands sophisticated online marketing and SEO strategies. Papillon PR has a wealth of experience, harnessing social media platforms and utilising the latest brand-building tools to communicate your key messages. Looking beyond social media and web features, we provide the creativity and knowledge needed to not just create content, encourage engagement and monitor results, but produce proven digital strategies, deliver results and determine success.

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Thought leadership

As editorial budgets and resources dwindle, Papillon PR capitalises on the need for engaging issues-driven content by positioning clients as experts and celebrities within their field. We research and draft full length viewpoint articles, by-lined to appropriate figure heads within a client’s organisation, that encompass the client’s key messages and subtly position the client’s offering. These credible articles are then placed in key publications which increase brand awareness and credibility to their target audiences.